NIX-like and Structure

By Matthew J. Harmon

2022-05-12 T 12:00:00 -0500 | 1 minute read
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Series: Progress

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Please note that we recognize that “UNIX® is a registered trademark of The Open Group.” Any use within this class is for academic purposes only and when possible “NIX-like” or “GNU/Linux and the BSDs” will be used. Readers are encouraged to read the Unix History diagram by Éric Lévénez. While we’ll be covering many flavors of NIX-like Operating System but we will spend most of our time in OpenBSD and GNU/Linux/Debian otherwise known as “Debian.” Further “the Cloud” consists of any “as a Service” offering or virtualization that allows capabilities unbound by CPU.

The choice of OpenBSD is due to the amount of refactoring the code has gone through and the progressive “secure by default” approach. The choice of Debian is because it is popular and easy to expand with additional repositories and one of the original GNU/Linux distributions. Both were chosen as they are compatible with QEMU as host and guest.